Door maintenance and care guide

Regular cleaning: Regular cleaning of the door surface can remove dust, dirt and contaminants, keeping the door clean and shiny. Use a mild cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe the façade and avoid using cleaners containing acidic or abrasive ingredients to avoid damaging the surface of the door.

Inspection and maintenance of door frames: Regularly check the door frame for damaged or worn parts. If any problems are found, repair or replace the damaged parts in time to ensure that the structure of the door frame is stable.

Keep the door adjusted: If the door has unsmooth opening, poor bite or asymmetry, adjustments may be required. Please refer to the installation instructions of the door or consult a professional for the correct adjustment method and regularly check and adjust the individual parts of the door.

Lubricate door hinges and locks: Door hinges and locks may need regular lubrication to ensure their smooth operation. Use appropriate lubricants, such as oil or grease, to maintain door hinges and locks. At the same time, make sure that the lubricant does not drip onto the floor or door surface, which can avoid the risk of contamination or slipping.

Protection against moisture and humidity: For doors exposed to moisture, especially bathroom doors or exterior doors, measures should be taken to prevent damage to the door by moisture and humidity. Use moisture-proof mats, feng shui curtains, or appropriate sealing materials to prevent moisture from entering the door frames and facades.

Protection against impacts and scratches: Avoid hitting or scratching the door, which can cause surface damage or breakage. Especially when handling heavy objects, be careful to avoid heavy objects hitting the door.

Paint or paint regularly: If your door is wooden or requires lacquered protection, regular painting or painting can protect the wood from the sun, humidity, and contaminants. Choose the appropriate paint or lacquer and apply it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Pay attention to safety issues: make sure the locks and other safety devices on the door are working properly, and regularly inspect and replace worn or damaged parts. For fire or safety doors, regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure that they comply with safety standards.

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